Independence Day Tax Protests

July 1, 2009 - San Diego, CA

Find your local Tea Party location and information at either of the following sites:

This Independence Day we truly are fighting for our Liberties. Print up a few copies of the Recall petition here, and help us keep the pressure on our Governor to do the right thing for our State.


May 19, 2009 - San Diego, CA

Total Recall 2009 - H'asta La Vista, Arnold.  You WON'T Be Back9:30pm - San Diego County Registrar of Voters Office

Tonight the people of California drew a line in the sand. California Taxpayers on one side, Corrupt Politicians on the other. While, once again, Governor Schwarzenegger said, "H'asta La Vista" to his voters in the middle of a monumental decision making process by leaving the state for another Global Warming speaking engagement. With the overwhelming defeat of Propositions 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D and 1E, the message is loud and clear. The question now is: Will Sacramento listen?

Now, more than ever, Californians must unite our voices to drown out the white noise of Unions and Special Interests. We must stand firm in our resolve to hold our Elected Officials accountable. The Public Workforce must finally come to terms that they, too, must live in the real world. This is just the beginning...

Visit our Get Involved page to add your voice.


May 16, 2009 - Corona, CA

Total Recall 2009 - H'asta La Vista, Arnold.  You WON'T Be BackThank you everyone who went to the John and Ken Rally. Our group was overwhelmed by all the people who wanted to assist us in recalling the governor and by the sheer number of people chomping at the bit to sign the petition. A solid three hours of people utilizing their right to recall. In a word: Inspiring!

Thanks to Paul, Yolanda, Skip, John, Tommy, and all the others who helped us man the booth at the rally. To all
who signed the petition and who donated funds for the cause, again, thank you! Through your generosity, our organization received over $2300 in donations in less than three hours.

We will still need more to fund this through to fruition. To donate and/or volunteer, please visit the Get Involved Page. We need County Chapter Captains to help organize and sort petitions. Plans are under way for Drive By Signings (special props to the Anthony Adams Recall group for their inspiration). To keep up to date on where and when, please sign up for our newsletter.

We will post an update on how many signatures we actually received by the end of the week, but the bottom line is that we cannot do this unless people download the petitions, circulate them, and send them back to us. We need to average about 6800 per day for the next 160 days. The only way to do this is for everyone to get involved, as the main leadership of Total Recall 2009 cannot collect that many on our own. This can be done with your help, however. The John and Ken fan base is 1.1 million listeners, which is slightly more than what we need. If every John and Ken listener signs, we have it in the bag.

Click here to download the petition and circulate. Please be sure to read through the instructions prior to downloading/printing/circulating. Failure to follow instructions exactly will render signatures invalid on non-conforming petitions.


May 15, 2009 - Sacramento, CA

Total Recall 2009 - H'asta La Vista, Arnold.  You WON'T Be BackTaxpayers United to Recall Governor Schwarzenegger received official notice from The Secretary of State's Office at 11:00am that our Petition to Recall Governor Schwarzenegger has been approved!!! The clock is now ticking... In order to bring the actual election to fruition, over 1 Million valid signatures will be required. We have an immediate need for both monetary and volunteer donations. Please visit the Get Involved Area for more information.

DOWNLOAD THE PETITION HERE - Please be sure to read through the instructions prior to downloading/printing/circulating. Failure to follow instructions exactly will render signatures invalid on non-conforming petitions.We will also be gathering signatures at both the San Diego and Corona Tax Protests tomorrow.

H'asta La Vista, Arnold... You WON'T Be Back!


May 4, 2009 - KFI Studio - Burbank, CA

This is it - Your last chance before the election to rally against the hacks and their taxes - HEADS ON A STICK!

Join us and bring your anger!  This is a mandatory mob meeting! 

Join John and Ken at their next Tax Revolt Rally Saturday, May 16 from 4-7pm at Tom’s Farms in Corona (Located south of the 91Freeway off the 15 Freeway).  Our last Tax Revolt Rally in Fullerton had 15,000 angry taxpayers.  Let's make this one bigger!

Bring your signs! (click here for signs available through Total Recall 2009)  Bring your kids!  Sign recall Anthony Adams petitions! (Note: We are expecting the Schwarzenegger Recall petition to also be available)

Tom's Farms
23900 Temescal Canyon Rd.
Corona, CA 92883


April 29, 2009 - La Mirada, CA

Today, Taxpayers United to Recall Governor Schwarzenegger sent our Recall Petition to the California Secretary of State's Office. This is the last major step before we can begin collecting signatures. Within 2 - 12 days we will know if the Petition has been approved by the Secretary of State's office. If/when the petition is approved, we will have 160 days to obtain 1,067,000 signatures in order to ensure a recall election.

Governor Schwarzenegger had the opportunity to send an official response to our Notice of Intent to Recall, but chose not to respond.

WE NEED DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS! In addition to financing and volunteers, we need office space to house and handle the signed petitions. Click here to learn how you can help...

NO on PROP 1A-1F!

April 27, 2009

You have probably already seen or heard the ads urging California Voters to support Proposition 1A-1F on the upcoming May 19th Special Election. What you may not have been informed of is the massive tax hike extension and "spending cap" allowances that Proposition 1A will incur. Or that much of the funding for this misleading advertising campaign is coming from the Republican Party, who have officially stated they are opposed to the propositions. Close to 1 Million Dollars, including donations to Governor Schwarzenegger's California Dream Team, have been provided for the Yes on 1A-1F campaign.

These Propositions are part of the late night, behind closed door budget deal that Schwarzenegger signed into law on February 20th, 2009. Prop 1A will extend the recently passed tax hikes for another 2 years. This will result in 16 Billion Dollars more in taxes for California Taxpayers, with the average cost per family at around $1100 per year.

The "spending cap" is also a misnomer as every time taxes are raised the "spending cap" can be adjusted upward - just more smoke and mirrors from our elected officials up in Sacramento. In fact, the original ballot measure was ordered to be re-written on March 5, 2009, as it was found to be "misleading" by California Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny. It would appear that the media campaign headed by Schwarzenegger and his California Dream Team have also decided to not be completely truthful in their presentation of the Propositions.

Don't be fooled - these ads are intended to coax voters into passing these propositions based on fear and not on fact. To learn more about the truth behind Proposition 1A-1F, please visit or (brought to you by The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association). To view a list of Donors who support Prop 1A, click here.

Help spread the word!


April 16, 2009 - Oceanside, California:

Today, Total Recall 2009 launched our first grass-roots campaign: "Send a Pink Slip to your Legislator"

This campaign is focused on sending a strong reminder to our legislators that We, The People, are their employer and that they are to be held accountable for their job performance (or lack thereof).  Send Your Pink Slip.

OC Register features Total Recall 2009 Co-Director, Colin Gomes in video coverage of OC Tax Rally

April 16, 2009 - Orange County, California:

Colin also appears on today's front page holding up the infamous Schwarzenegger Head on a Sword -
(Thanks John & Ken and KFI 640) - click here to view.

Taxpayers Serve Gov. Schwarzenegger with Notice of Recall

April 15, 2009 - La Mirada, California:

For Immediate Release:

A taxpayer group, TAXPAYERS UNITED TO RECALL GOVERNOR SCHWARZENEGGER, today served Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with notice of intention to recall him. This notice is the first step in the process of removing the Governor from office. Click here for more...

It's Tax Day - Do you know where your money is going?

April 15, 2009 - Santa Ana, California:

Today, Taxpayers United to Recall Governor Schwarzenegger will be attending the Orange County Tea Party in Santa Ana. Co-Directory, Colin Gomes, will be speaking on behalf of our organization.

Orange County Tea Party
Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Location: Plaza of the Flags, Santa Ana Civic Center - Behind the Superior Court Building. Bounded by Flower Street, Santa Ana Boulevard and Civic Center Drive.

San Diego 6 Interviews Total Recall 2009 Creative Director, Colleen Gray

April 11, 2009 - San Diego, California:

Total Recall 2009 Creative Director, Colleen Gray, was the closing speaker at today's San Diego Tea Party near Lindbergh Field. The successful, peaceful gathering with an estimated 1,500 in attendance was organized by the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition. A snip from Colleen's interview with San Diego 6 News can be seen in the video report.


Total Recall 2009 Creative Director interview with San Diego's Jeff and Mike

April 4, 2009 - Oceanside, California:

An in-depth interview with Total Recall 2009 Creative Director, Colleen Gray, regarding the Recall campaign can be heard by clicking the button below:

Interview is over 40 minutes - to open MP3 in another window, click here.

John and Ken Tax Revolt Rally Information - Post Update

John and Ken Tax Revolt 2009

Huge Success!

With an estimate of 15,000+ in attendance, the first Tax Revolt was a huge success!

We will be updating the site with new Recall Campaign links, photos and more over the next few days.

Thank you to all who took the time to attend, to those who were unable to attend but listened and were there in spirit. We were blown away by the turn out and by the passion of our fellow citizens. It was truly an event to behold and an honor to meet you all!

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be informed of new campaign events and to visit the John and Ken Facebook page or our blog!

Stay informed - Get Involved - Make Your Voice Heard!

To see some photos from the Rally, click here. More to come...